Magali KRAUS

Founder of Domaine La Goujonne, when Magali was younger, she never hesitated to follow her sons in their daredevil adventures. Today, she prefers knitting beautiful sweaters for her grandchildren, looking after her garden and playing solitaire on her computer. When she is not baking delicious tarts for us, she loves devouring well-written novels.


Founder of Domaine La Goujonne, Denis devotes most of his time enhancing his vegetable garden and looking after his chickens. He also adores telling us about his childhood in Algeria, taking daily walks throughout his vineyards of which he knows every vine.

Sébastien KRAUS

Owner of Domaine La Goujonne, he was appointed cellar master. When he is not busy blending with our oenologist, he enjoys playing the guitar, practicing judo and listening to Francis Cabrel. On weekends, he covers kilometers by bike on our beautiful roads in Provence.

Jean-Yves KRAUS

Owner of Domaine La Goujonne, he is director of operations in Cabasse. Great fan of judo, he takes care of the younger people of his club throughout competitions. He also likes to ride his motorbike on weekends, exploring the seabed and cooking delicious meals for his family and friends, which he discovers on his favorite cooking shows.

Vincent KRAUS

Owner of Domaine La Goujonne, he holds the position of director of operations in Tourves. Lover of thrilling and hair-rising emotions, he spends his weekends either on his motorbike or cycling, paragliding, climbing, etc. When the vines are no longer at risk from dewy mildew, he loves road-tripping with his family in their motorhome.

Mélanie KRAUS

Since 2017, Mélanie takes care of the logistical and administrative aspects of the domain. She dedicates her free time towards writing novels and is after publishing her fifth oeuvre. She also enjoys playing music, composing songs, organizing grill parties with her friends and taking her dog Oreo for walks.


Tireless worker who never gives himself a break, he knows all the tricks to gain the best efficiency. Mason or gardener as soon as he comes home, Ahmed never stops.


Confirmed winegrower, he cultivates a few plots of family vines alongside his father. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and relaxing with his family.

Fabrice THIANT

A meticulous worker, he enjoys video games, books, music and cinema.


Faithful to the estate for over 15 years, she always carries out the tasks entrusted to her very scrupulously. She enjoys taking care of her family and minding her flowers. She regularly undertakes sewing or painting work to renovate her interior.


A former soldier, he discovered with great curiosity his new profession as a farmer. On the leisure side, it’s the garden, the small maintenance work of his house and the crayfish fishing.

Our commitment to organic

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