Certified organic farming area

Since 2016

It was after three years of conversion, during which audits were carried out by ECOCERT in order to assess the conformity of products and practices, that Domaine La Goujonne obtained the AB label (Organic Agriculture).

Organic farming is an orientation that seems to be obvious and a real issue for the planet but also for the future of future generations, and therefore of farms. This transition turns out to be the desire to protect the environment, reduce the impact of agricultural activity on nature, preserve the biodiversity present in the vineyard and recreate an ecological reservoir.

Respect for the environment and reasoned cultivation have always been the domain’s policy. Tillage is privileged, cooperation with breeders is preferred to the use of weedkillers. Phytosanitary treatments are restricted and carried out with recommended and approved products, without insecticides.

Running a wine-growing operation in organic farming also means meeting the demands of our customers who are increasingly sensitive to this method of cultivation and more concerned about the impact of certain products on health. The desire to eat healthier, to preserve biodiversity and to use natural products are the keys to this awareness.

Domaine La Goujonne was able to understand the fact that the requirements concerning the know-how of professionals in the food sector are constantly increasing. An operation must therefore constantly adapt to meet the demands of its customers in order to continue to develop.

Introducing our cellars

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