The Kraus family history


Throughout his childhood, Denis Kraus lived in Trugaut, a rich wine-growing commune in Oran, Algeria, where his great-grandparents had settled in the 1870’s. The summer climate, which was far too hard to bear because of his health, prompted Edouard Kraus to move in 1958 to the Var, in France where he then bought a property named “Le Vicari”, where he had planned to only spend part of the year. This house then welcomed the entire Kraus family in 1962 following the war in Algeria and the rural exodus of the “black feet“.

Upon their arrival, Denis and his older brother gave up their studies to take over, under their parent’s direction, the farm which had to now feed a family of five.

In 1966, Denis met Magali, an eighteen-year-old girl whose father, Edouard Réquier, owned a 20 hectare estate located in Cabasse, a small village in Provence. They married the following year and settled in “ The Vicari” where they raised their three boys.

Wishing to put an end to his professional activities, Mr. Réquier handed over the reins to his eldest daughter, Magali, in 1978. As for Denis, he continued to work with his family on the Tourves vineyards. He came to own part of this vineyard, following the passing away of his parents in 1986.

It was only in 1994, after their two sons Jean-Yves and Sébastien joined the activity, that Denis and Magali decided to join forces, thus creating the GAEC (Groupement Agricole d’Exploitation en Commun) Kraus & Fils. The merger of these two farms, which are twenty-five kilometers apart, gave rise to Domaine La Goujonne, a thirty-five hectare vineyard spread over the AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Côtes de Provence and Coteaux Varois en Provence.

In the years that followed, the estate progressively increased, sales grew and the third son, Vincent, joined the family team.

In 2016, Domaine La Goujonne redeemed the remaining family land which adjoined the “Vicari” country house. The domain was thus enlarged by twenty hectares.

To date, the new generation is peeking through. Mélanie, Sébastien’s daughter, boosts the domain’s image by mastering new communication techniques. Noémie, Jean-Yves’ eldest daughter, supports the development of export sales, after studying international trade in Bordeaux.

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